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Friday, January 30, 2009

A journey to Murree, Pakistan

Apples of my eyes.

This was the first time my kids and I felt the coldness of the snow. The temperature was -10 degree celcius. Murree, the name of the mountain area in Islamabad. It is next to India and Khasmir. We stayed at Murree for a day only. My kids wanted to stay another night but I refused since I had migrane and could not sleep for the whole night. I could not stand too long in the cold wheather..oooh..and then there was another problem, the heater was not working that night too. My husband went out the room to tell the hotel manager but no body at the lobby. That was my bad experience staying a night at Murree. But I felt relief my kids were sleeping under a thick blanket with sweet dream...

I like this view

Memory at Murree of Islamabad