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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Yassin and Tahlil for Our AlMarhum Father

Friday  yesterday, my mum and my siblings went to Tanah Perkuburan Limbungan in the city to ziarah our AlMarhum father ( Passed away 30.11.2007). Dear father.. We know you are watching us during the Ramadan... Do hear us....we still miss you....We love you always.. Mum  still loves you....we won't stop praying for you, day and night....Allah loves you so much and we will keep on praying for your peaceful soul and placement in heaven. Alfatiah.......

Yassin & Tahlil prayer

My sister was cleaning the graveyard

My Family 


narti said...

hanya doa yang bisa kita kirimkan buat orang yang sudah meninggal, semoga ayahanda diterima disisi-Nya. amiinnn.

opung chikal said...

turut berduka cita tuk alm bapaknya... semoga segala amal perbuatan beliau di terima di sisi-Nya.. amien :(

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