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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Jungle Tracking at Taman Rekreasi Hutan Simpanan Berakas

This time my hubby was with us ...a big smile for me and kids....Yesterday afternoon at 5, we went to Berakas Recreational Park trailing the jungle than pass through the campaign huts area, jogging track and finally reach the beach....This park is really an interesting place for you to relex, jogging, hiking, campaign, picnic and whatever...You won't regret if u come over this place. I love the scenery and the fresh air here.

man-made tree @ the jogging track

tired and sweating

Dear Izzat and my sis UmmeI like this view....feel relex

I was at the back this evergreen park

Cool down dear sis

Jungle track to the beach we're go
sweet couple.....running after the sunset

too late to view the sunset.....

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Trip to Pekan Bangar, Temburong.

I decided to bring my kids, mum and sisters to Temburong town, Pekan Bangar. Actually, at the first place I didn't have any plan to go there. Since my mood was energetic and excited, this morning straight away my mind thought of a trip to Temburong. I asked my kids and I called my mum and sisters if they would like to go to Bangar. "Yahooo" ...positively they were happy and eager to go there..especially my kids.

Pekan Bangar is a town of Temburong District in my country Brunei Darussalam. It is the second largest district out of four districts. For further information you can surf about its geography. The ticket fare to Temburong cost for an adult is $6, senior citizen (Warga Emas) is $5 a student is $5 and a child below 12 is $3. This fare is only one way you have to pay with the same amount if you want to return to Bandar Seri Begawan...

Ready to sail to Pekan Bangar @ 8.30 am

This was the first time my kids sailing in this boat....

This was another boat from Temburong which was similar to the boat we rode in

Scenery of Pekan Bangar

Safely arrived at the Temburong Jetty @ 9.40

The view of Pekan Bangar

New building " Kompleks Utama Bumi Putera Temburong"

Nice view.....Padi House model

The youngest sister Norazimah and the eldest daughter Iffah

Some of the Brunei Handmade key holders made by the Temburong people

Lonely kitten walking in the street

At last my sister Umme brought this lonely kitten with her as her pet

Waiting for departure....tired but really enjoying.
We left Bangar at 11.00 and arrived at Bandar Seri Begawan Jetty at 12.15

Thursday, December 2, 2010

School with kids

School holidays are just started on the 1st of December until 2nd January 2011. Last Tuesday night I brought my kids, mum and sisters to Jerudong Theme Park. My hubby was not around for few days so I make myself busy with kids during these holidays. There is no admission fees required but for the rides we need to buy ticket cards to be able to use the rides. The tickets come in $8 (5 rides) and $10 (8 rides) price range. The ticket cards have slots which can be punched using a single hole puncher - one punch equals one use of any ride or facility for one person. There are not much rides at the Jerudong Theme Park as it was before 5 years ago. Anyhow my kids really enjoyed the rides.
Naqib go round

Naqib likes this bumper car... He got into the ride 3X

me, mum, Iffah and Marni

wooow...Look at Izat and Iffah, They looked relax on the pirate ship
Who's the winner...they're racing in the pedal boat

woooops... to play the ride, you should not more than the height of these 4 cats.
5 years ago iffah and izzat can ride junior bumper not anymore

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Al-Fatihah for my beloved late father

My late father, Allahyarham Awang Aliakbar Bin Hj Jaya was passed away on Friday the 30th November 2007/ 20 syawal 1428H at Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha hospital. He was sick. Al-Fatihah for him......Today, its exactly 3 years without him forever... We still remember the sweet memories with him when we were kids. He left us leaving my mum with 3 sons and 9 daughters. At first place its not easy for me to look after my mum and my 6 siblings who are still studying. Alhamdulillah with our effort and our pray to Allah the Mighty, my siblings manage to work hard in their study. Now 2 of them just started working , the other 2 studying in the University, 1 at Institute Technology and the youngest studying for 'A' level next year. Everyday I wont miss to pray for him in heaven and for my happiness with my family , mum and siblings forever. To muslim bloggers who have just read my blog lets us read Al-Fatihah for my beloved late father....Amin and Thanks

At his age of early 20's

Just married

Sweet memory - Celebrating my son's 4th birthday in 2005

Celebrating Hari Raya at my house one year before he left us

Its just a tomb ....we won't see him again..but he is still alive in our memories...

Monday, November 29, 2010

My New Wardrobe

My dream come true after waiting for this built-in wardrobe since last year. After my financial is stable so I decided to have one wardrobe first. I chose Zalin Wood Art & Furniture Sdn Bhd to design it for me. This wardrobe is located at the family lobby (1st floor) between my kids bedroom. The idea to locate this wardrobe is because the space was no function at all. The wardrobe is really high of about 10 meters and it touches the ceiling. The purpose to have this high wardrobe is to have two layers of aluminium panels to hang our clothes. I like this design very much....simple, easy and multi-purpose. Its frame sliding doors are made of laminate mixed with mirror and frosted glass panel. Soon I will paint the white wall to new look. Next plan will to replace my old entrance door.

Sliding doors wardrobe


I think 100 pieces of my cloths will go into this ..might be more