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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mini Asean Corner

Mini Asean Corner is part of primary schools' project competition in my country. It is designed to enhance teachers' creativity and ideas in delivering teaching skills and to teach young students discover and explore things that are missing in their knowledge.

All teachers are groups into 10. Each group is allocated into each out of 10 asean countries. My three friends and I are chosen to decorate a boot for one of the Asean countries, Myanmar. It took us 2 weeks to prepare everything and the outcomes are fabulous ehmmm..This morning some judges were coming to our school to judge our corners. You know what, the winner will get BR$1000 if a school has fulfilled the criteria. I hope we will win.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Hiking with mum, son and sisters at Bukit Shahbandar

Yesterday was mum's day and yesterday evening I went hiking with my son, mum and sisters at the recreational park of Bukit Shahbandar Forest. There are nine hills at forest.  We managed to climb only four hills.

Playground at the park.

My mum and sister looked exhausted hiking on the way up to the third hill..

Beautiful scenery at the park.

" I'm thursty mum".........

Bukit Shahbandar is set in 70 hectares of undulating landscape providing a challenge for even the most dedicated joggers, hikers and bikers. An observation tower gives a bird's eye view over the whole terrain from this huge Bukit Shahbandar Park.

We enjoyed running down the hill...

Come on mum.....walk faster!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cakes and Puding for today...yummy mummy

Last night was the night that almost 70% of people in Brunei gathered with their family just to watch their favourites concert - 'Malaysian singers in Akademi Fatasia'.  This includes our family too hahaha.  My sister brought this cake for us just to celebrate 'Hari Ibu' in our family. 
This morning I decided to bake Cheese cake and Triple Puding because my children kept on asking me when I would make their favorite cakes.  After many weeks I was busy so today in conjunction of Mother's Day I accepted their demand.  
Naqib secretly wrote this card and showed it to me when we have cakes together.....Thank you honey.....I love you Naqib.  

Happy mother's day to all mothers from us

Mother's Day is celebrated all over the world to honor our Mothers, although the dates and months of Mother's Day differ from country to country. Mother's day is the occasion to pay rich tributes to one of those persons who have had a great impact on our lives, a person whose love and care knows no boundaries, a person who does everything to keep her children happy and joyous.
I love u mum.