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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Breakfast with mushroom soup & bread

My kids were not around. They were staying with my mum's house for few days since yesterday. So I just prepared simple breakfast for my hubby. I made mushroom soup, but this this time I tried using the ready-made Campbells' mushroom classic. I wanted to taste this Campbell recipe.. Its very simple menu just add in water and then put some of the concentrated soup then boiled. Emmm nice, delicious and tasty..I loved it.

Holidays mood...@ the beach with kids

These photos were taken on 17th December around 5.30 pm at Berakas Beach about 10 minutes drive from my place. I went there with kids, siblings and nieces to watch the scenery of end of hijrah. I knew my kids loved to go to beach...but I must aware too when at the beach..I won't let my kids swam too far since the wave seemed big.

look at my sisters....whose got the highest jump

"Naqib...just swim at the shallow water..ok"

My youngest big sis...


dancing in the water until sunset...the end of 1430 hijrah

I love this...nearly sunset ...look !! they were still some people walking on the beach
Scenery end of 1430 Hijrah