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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy 8th birthday..Naqib

Yesterday the 28th Oct was my son's birthday.  I didn't celebrate it at home...I knew he would missed his daddy.  My hubby is not around until this Saturday...oh so sad.  Since Naqib's exam was over so I decided to celebrate it with his friends at school during break time.  I didn't do the cooking because I have no time to prepare the food for his birthday party early in the morning and I'm working too.  So I just ordered everything from the Ideal Fastfood.

Naqib's choice - Bumble bee

Naqib looked shy...but too happy

Happy birthday to you..happy Birthday to Naqib

birthday games

Time to eat

A photo with Sultan's granddaughter

Look happy Naqib!!!!!...Going home early yeah

Naqib's gifts.....