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Saturday, November 21, 2009

When we were @ Lahore...12 mths ago..

If my hubby were not there doing his Staff course...I won't be in Lahore.  It was on the 18th November 2008, me and my 3 kids went off to Lahore in Pakistan.  We reached Walton in Lahore at 12.45 midnight on the 19th....I was there only for 2 months.  I still remember the memories of staying in Lahore.  I had visited some interesting places and met people there..soon I will tell about it later but not now.  This is just a part of it.  

Bon voyage for us ..Brunei Darussalam airport

At the plane....Naqib was so happy after 4 months missed his daddy

Transit at Thailand Airport for 5 - 6hours......I love the gallery at the airport..unique and historical

Entrance to the Asgari Flat

We stayed at the 2nd floor on the 2nd left of this flat

Just arrived

One day after.... I wont forget this...the weather at that time was cold...Not many people were going out from their quiet.  I could see few children were playing in the playground..

.......will be continued.....

Since LizAkbar' blog is new this year .. I think of posting my past memories and experiences will remind me 'my sweet sour hot life' in the future..I should have created this blog when I was teenager....

Friday, November 20, 2009

My boy..Naqib

Pop ice is my son favourite drink...I don't know what so special about this.  I don't find it so special to drink.  I think because of its flavour may be my son love it and easy to make.  This sachet of pop ice powder come with different flavours. Actually durian flavour is his favourite one.  Since durian flavour was out of stock at home so at last he have to make orange flavour drink. Today secretly I took some snaps of him preparing the pop ice drink.

I quickly snaps photos of him making his drink and the outcomes...woops... photos are not clear. Luckily he didn't notice this..if he did he would be angry and shy.

First he put some ice followed by the powder then cold water.  I know why Naqib likes doing this because of the blender!!!!  I let him to do this by himself so he will get use to do everything independently....and no calling 'babu'(mum) every minutes when he needs something.


I watched him how he handled things by comment I can observed that he has the attitude of caring and easy to follow instruction especially in doing task like handling with tools. 

Done... well done naqib boy..

Thursday, November 19, 2009


AACCA...emmm 3A2C.  Alhamdullilah my daughter got her PSR exam result with these grades. I just received this exam result's slip two days ago from her school.  PSR result was released on the 11th November last week.  At first I was too nervous but eager to know Izzat's result.  I was hoping that she could pass her exam.  When I knew, wow I felt relief and too happy.  I am afraid she would fail in her math since I saw PSR math questions were tricky and hard for students to answer.  Now I'm thinking which Secondary school I might send her.  I am still surveying the government secondary schools that are best in their academic achievement other than Science College.  So I will choose one that I think ok for Izzat.

Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm Proud to stand next to His Majesty...sweet memory

I have been waiting for this photo since Syawal.  This is a photo of my family with His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei.  Unfortunately my other 2 children were not with us at that time.  I thought maybe they were mingling around with their friends.  This photo was taken by my friend during the Raya celebration at Navy Officers' Mess in Muara camp on  I was so happy to stand near his majesty, our king ... how do you feel when a very very very important person stand by you?...hehehehe for me, I felt too happy because I don't think I can have this opportunity again in the future.  That time I was too nervous to invite his majesty to take photo of him with us...But I tried to be brave to speak and invite him to have a photo with us after we shook hands with him.  Wow..this is the enchanting moment in our life.