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Saturday, February 21, 2009

My L.A.C room

Reading and discussion (with parents)corner

This is my new LAC (Learning Assistance Centre) room in my present school. My previous L.A.C was not so good as this one. At first, I was worried and thinking the condition of L.A.C here. Thank God, it is fully furnished. It has 2 aircons, attached cabinets, a sink, a toilet, a sofa and a television. Soon I will request a computer for my special students.

I have been a SENA (Special Education Need Assistance) teacher since 2000. Before that, I was a class teacher. As a SENA teacher, it is a very challenging task. I have to be patient and creative in designing varieties of teaching strategies in assisting these special students. Anyway I love my career as a SENA teacher since it teaches me to appreciate peoples' 'Dis' Abilities.

Below is a photo of me with one of my special students. She has problem with her vision and she has courage in doing her work. She can write but has difficulty in focusing the symbols of alphabets/numbers and comparing colours. Larger font of printed text or numbers are needed to be modified for her. Look at her..she's cute :)

These 2 students have problems with their reading. Routine and remedial reading in LAC help them to improve their reading difficulties.