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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Foundant cake...emm....yummy its true,my kids like it.

Last night after sungkai I tried to bake fondant cake...waahhh this is because of you <rosma  >You make me sick for the past few days just to think this very simple recepi..hehehehe.....  Since I got all the ingredients at my kitchen so mission must be done at once...hahahaha...Chocolate is my 1st daughter, son and hubby's favourite..But I don't let them eat all the time.

Mission was completed and the result of the cake was not as 5 stars bakery shop but i'm happy the chocolate lava burst out of the cake was look ok..Alhamdullilah its true dear friend rosma my children like it..

So here the recepi that I have modified...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sungkai without husband..miss him

My hubby was attending a 'Sungkai' function with his jobmates this evening.  So I was alone with my kids breaking the fast. Yahoo..time for me to rest... No need to prepare too much. Menu for today just one..'kueh teaw basah'...its a simple recipe.  But still I prefer him to gather sungkai with him.  I miss him alot.

# Fried onion, fish cake, taufu, crab stick.
# add water, one tablespoon tomyam or chicken cube (either one) till boil.
#when boil add vege,  and corn flour to thicken the liquid.
# pour black paper powder.
# pour the 'kuah' to the noodles

* I didnt add egg in the mixture (before adding corn flour) since my children got chickenpox.

Try this  u will love it.....

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Creating Ikebana

I was really tired for the past few days..uhhh..routine housekeeping + schools' work + nursing after my kids + gardening. Alhamdullilah, my fasting mood was still constant.  This afternoon I felt my mood was ok.  Raya season is coming soon..."Why don't I create Ikebana just for a trial for Raya preparation".....No need to buy pots of flowers for Raya and save my money.  Since I have variety of shrubs and herbs in my garden, I tried to create 2 Ikebana and the outcomes....opppsss

What do you think of this Ikebana?

and this?...

This one is simple but it make me feel relax..when I look at it.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Another chickenpox!!!!!!...090909

090909 is the day which I can called 'trademark sign' for  my son naqib.  I was surprised this morning he was infected with chickenpox.  I knew it sooner or later the viral infection will transferred to Naqib since he is her closed contact who are not infected by this illness yet. I brought Naqib to clinic and the same prescriptions were given just like Izzat's.

Look at his face.. he is really sad.  I know he is incomfortable with this calamine lotion on his face and body.

More red spots at the back of his body.

"Mum when will this last?" soon honey

Who will be the next?  I'm still in doubt since my mum mentioned she can't remember whether I had this chickenpox during my childhood....NO..NO..NO ..not me ..Nauzubillahmin zaliq...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oh my dear...honey..

It looks worst than yesterday...Izzat's body is covered with blisters of chickenpox.  At first, her sister, Iffah, was infected by this illness. But it was not really bad compared with Izzat's condition. She got these red spots since Sunday but not really much and now the red spots are spread all on over her body.  The white thing on her body is Calamine lotion which make the red spots dry quickly. She needs to take chlorpheniramine-2 ( prevent from itchy) and Panadol syrup 3 times a day to reduce her pain and itchy. 

She is given MC for 5 days...if  her condition still not good..her MC will be extend .  We pray and hope Izzat will recover quickly so she can do her revision and tution again for PSR examination. (Oct 5th) 

Oh my dear.......

Medicines for Izzat..Panadol syrup, chlorpheniramine-2 & Calamine lotion