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Saturday, November 28, 2009


10th-13th Zulhijjah 1430Hijrah
Greeting from my Family 

Friday, November 27, 2009

Yahoo holidays.....

Now I'm in a holiday mood..Today until 3rd January 2010 are school teaching. Freedom... I want to have fun and enjoy my holidays with my family.  Since I am happy, I baked cupcakes with cakes in chocolate flavour and creamy cheese at the top for my kids.   

I'm still in the process of learning decorating the top base of cupcakes .. and the result 
emmm what do you think of my art?

hehehe...look a bit messy...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Part 2 - Memory in Lahore

I still remember the first day on our way to The Walton, it was too dark..not much light was on...When I arrived we stopped at the light!!!! My hubby said '' now you know how Pakistan is!!! hehehe...powershading again...and will be again another hours..soon...''  We were waiting for nearly 3 hours for the electrivity to on.  Thanks god....luckily it was winter if not my kids would be crying for aircondition....

Front view of our flat..emmm seemed to be quiet place..

Scenery from our the back of our flat...

At the left is airplane garage ...and when take off or land will pass this road...two in one road for plane and cars..etc..

Living room..quite small but ok for us

For me...emmm..look 50% ok....

'Mum we need something to eat'..yes my kids favourite food this was the only small shop nearest to our flat ..3 minutes walk

Ohhh look at them...

UPS...Its like generator but this thing use battery and need to be charged all the time just to get ready when electricity went off...Ohhh . Can you see the connection of the wire...look dangerous.  I always told my kids never touch this thing.

Heater to warm up...Just like that....emmm. Not enough for us...Luckily I don't have 5yrs old kid..if not I would be a very busy mother that day.... be continued...