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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

She is a special kid

Next year I'll be teaching and assisting a five year old albino girl, class kindergarten. Few days ago, on the 9th November, I had a School Based Team (SBT) meeting with 3 psychologists, my headmistress, 3 class teachers, parents and Ana (an Albino girl) at my school. We planned on how to assist this girl on her education inclusively and the area that need modification for her to learn comfortably with her situation.

The Albino Ana has no pigments, her skin is white, her eyes are red and her hair is really tinted. This girl easily get burned because the pigments in her skin are responsible for protecting her against sun rays. We came out with a modification setting of the classroom because of her skin problems. According the doctor's report, she needs to use sunblock cream with spf of 50 to 80. Apart from that, she has problem with her vision that is long sightedness. Ana is also an active girl and easily get anger if her need is not fulfilled. I hope I can cope with Ana's behaviour soon

SBT meeting

Ana' father happily told the school about Ana's story since she was born

Ana was busy with her drawing

In blue, our headmistress and teachers excited to have photo with Ana..:)


UmmiRosma said...

All the best...

She is very popular because of being different from the others...I hope this little cute innocent girl can adapt to her new situation...and good luck to you too...I know it is not an easy job...

Do blog about her progress k....

Liza said...

Tq darling rosma, yes its a challenge for me teaching 70 rep with 3 HSN...ooh hope I can cope this by next year..