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Monday, January 18, 2010

Now no more worries & doubt... my kids confindently can swim....

It was happened and started during the holidays after staying at the Empire hotel that Me myself and kids need to learn how to swim. I was jealous to those people who can swim. Am I too old to learn to swim? No..I don't think so.

It was 5 years ago my hubby wanted to teach me swimming but I refused and lazy. I think at that time my mind focused with netball and jogging activities. Before, my kids couldn't swim in deep water and I had to look after them when they were at the pool. Alhamdullilah... now I am glad and happy all my kids and I can swim freely with no doubt at all. Thanks to my hubby who cares about us and taught us to swim. It took 2 weeks for us to become good and perfect swimmers. Soon we will learn other strokes apart from breast stroke and free style. I think this will be my new activity at 2010...

Izzat with her breast stroke way

Watch Izzat kids.....practice....practice

My hubby was couching my son

Izzat was the 1st who successfully can swim, 2nd Iffah, 3rd me and the last was my son
for being work hard