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Friday, March 13, 2009

Its me again

This month I prefer my skin like this..hehehe...
For the past few weeks, I have been bz doing my routine schoolwork and housework and no time to do blogging.  I know my friends out there are waiting for my new post. This is the story. My maid was very choosy looking for job and she wanted to find another i sent her back to her agent.  She had been working with me exactly 1 month. Oh my god...On the 1st march she requested to transfer to another employer....whaatt!!!(TENSION n HBP)  could u believe that?  She's too demanding. If in the first place i knew this thing could happen to me, i won't choose her. Mad maid...errrr!!!

So how then....Its a lesson learnt.  At this moment its hard to find a good maid that really want to work with us. And I have to wait months for a maid.  I just want to give a try this time if i can manage to do all the stuffs with my own hands without maid at home.  My children love not to have a maid at home. They said they feel happy without maid. Now what!!!  Should I? Let me think that ....