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Friday, December 31, 2010

A gift from Claire

I just received a gift from Claire two days ago via post. It is a magnetic hold from korea. I was one of the tens correct guesser in her giveaway quiz. Thank you very much dear is nice and cute gift..I like it very much. I am looking forward for the next giveaway contest/quiz...

lovely gift

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Terseliur nak makan ambuyat bersama cousin

Liz terseliur nak makan ambuyat hari itu, hubby masih kerja so I call my cousin Dk Fatimah, Pinah nama gelarannya. Pinah adalah sepupu yang rapat dengan saya bermain masa kecil-kecil dulu. We went to the Full House restaurant at Jalan Gadong. That's was the first time I pergi ke restoran tersebut. My cousin introduced it to me. Restoran tersebut menyediakan $7.00 buffet ambuyat dengan bermacam2 menu. Liz tengok banyaklah menu yang terhidang dan berbaloi juga makan serta sedap.

My sweet cousin....single mum
Ambuyat adalah makanan kabohydrate dari tepung Sagu hasil dari pokok Rumbia. Ambuyat adalah makanan tradisi Brunei yang dicelup dengan sambal binjai bersama kuah rebusan ikan atau kuah sayur. Kalau singgah ke Brunei jangan lupa makan ambuyat...nanti Liz tunjukkan tempatnya...Pasti sedap.

Ini pilihan Liz....Makanan kampong..tradisi Brunei

Kalau nak makan ambuyat mesti pakai candas ( kayu penyepit )..tengok tu..itu bukan gam..hehehe

Friday, December 24, 2010

Alhamdulillah...It's my Birthday today....

Sebuah potret Ibu Mertuaku hasil photowork ku

Kadang-kadang ku teringat masa kecilku
Saat ku berlari bersama adikku
Bermain bersama tak kira waktu
Walau jauh berbatu-batu..

Esok ku sudah terasa
Betapa cepat waktu beredar

Zaman mudaku semakin pudar
Tapi hatiku tetap semakin muda ...

Kenangan kelmarin membuatku semangat
Walau dugaan sentiasa menghimpit
Rintangan harus ku tembusi
Sejauh mana pun ku berlari

Umur bukan halangan

Bagiku untuk menyerah kalah

Jiwa ini sentiasa akan terserlah

Mengikut peredaran zaman ..

Namun jangan juga kulupa
Walau usiaku semakin sedikit

Aku sentiasa akan berzikir dan berdoa

Semoga Allah melindungiku di Dunia dan Akhirat


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

10 hours to go

10 hours left.. another 6 topics to read! I have no time to go through all the pages just understand the topics..better than nothing. I hope what I have read will be out tomorrow...plz pray for me dear friends...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 2 - A trip from Kota Kinabalu to Ranau

The second day of our trip was from Kota Kinabalu to some places at area of Mount Kinabalu and ended at Ranau. I will tell you later where exactly we went as you go along reading my story. On the way to to the highland, we passed Tamparuli, Tuaran and then to Ranau. It will take you 3 hours drive from KK town to Ranau if the weather is good. It was about 131 km to go to Ranau. It was a challenge for me driving to Ranau. At first place I had no plan at all going to Ranau. It was my cousin who proposed us to go there to visit some interesting places and we would be guided by our relatives Zainal and Zainab in KK. We met my cousin with his family at Grand hotel. They were on holiday for 3 days too. Since we would be guided to that place so we decided to join him to go to Ranau. We left the hotel at 9.30 am.

Before we started our journey to Ranau, We took some photos of ours outside the Grand Hotel.

Umme was the one who shot us.
nice view
mini water fountain front of the lobby hotelinside the mall near the entrance

up the hill

Guess what ..after about an hour traveling....whoops ....:( It was not my tyre that's flatten.. I need to stop because my car temperature was higher when it went up the hill...

Luckily Zainal is good in car mechanic. My car needed to be filled with water. Alhamdulillah we found water source drifted from the mountain and we filled bottles with it.

Then we continued our journey and that time I had to monitor the temperature everytime went up the hill. I stopped for a while when my car temperature reached before the maximum highest point. I think because my car has auto gear so its capability to go up the hill was not good enough compare to car with manual gear. This is learned lesson for me....
After 3 hours traveling.....the passengers....tertidur keletihan
View from the mountain

The weather here was fine and windy
Next destination was to a place in Ranau......
guess what were the places?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Aduhhh... esuk liz ada exam...

Liz pos in Malay version sajalah ....sekali-sekala lah.....

Peperiksaan Peraturan Kewangan akan ku hadapi esok. Aku bukan juruwang, aku bukan akauntan, aku bukan pemutik hutang, aku bukan kerja di pejabat kewangan..aku cuma guru. Tak minat pun aku peraturan kewangan ini...kalau terima wang aku sangat suka...hehehe..Apa boleh buat sudah peraturan kalau nak memohon kenaikan pangkat mesti ambil peperiksa FR (Financial Regulation) dan GO (General Order)...Benda ini hanya untuk pegawai kerajaan yang berkhidmat di kerajaan Brunei saja. I pun baru juga mentelaah buku FR sehabis2an hari ini...adalah membaca yang hari-hari dulu cuma sedikit saja. Aduh bukan main nak meletup otak liz....semua dah jadi rojak...inilah akibat last minit ..heheehe salah i jugak...baik juga ambil periksa ini FOC... harap2 lulus lah.....23hb will be GO exam...wah nak relex pun tunggu lepas 23hb ini...Doakan Liz ya kawan....

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Crossing the border

On the second day of Muharam that was last Tuesday, We went to Miri town with my kids, sisters and mum. Alhamdulillah the whether was fine and hot...

Police Spot Check before passing the Malaysian Immegression

Crossing the border - A river between Brunei and Malaysia

We reached Miri at 11 a.m..It took 3 hours to drive from our home to Miri. Since it was hot that day, we chose Bintang Plaza Mega Mall as our stop journey. I heard that this complex is the biggest one in Miri town...And now it's still under the process of enlarging the building. Parkson is one of my favourite shopping place in Miri and it is at the Bintang Plaza too. Luckily, it was on sale until end of this month and I grabbed this opportunity to buy my stuffs, kids clothing and school shoes.

Front view of the Bintang Plaza Mega Mall

@ Popular Book stores

Our chosen meal of the day- SugarBun & KFC

Since Christmas will be coming soon, many brilliant Christmas decorations were built at Bintang Plaza Mega Mall

happy faces of my kids & their grandma
Izzat and Miss Bobble head

Umme, Fizah and Naqib

Those expression...I wonder what make Naqib surprised

Surely, Naqib those were not yours!!!!

mum and sis...
before and after
I bought these from Lovely Lace - 10% discount
Rose Diffuser - RM39.90

I like this
Australian Wall Clock Rose - RM 69.90

We left Miri at 8.30 p.m and reached home safely at 11.00 p.m...

Click my luck

Due date January 11th, 2011

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Another piece of art

My kids are staying at my mum's house for few days. So I have more times to do household chores. While I'm cleaning my princesses' room, I found this piece of art in her art block. Then I flip over the pages then I saw this beautiful drawing. It's Iffah masterpiece of art. I was speechless and inspired by her capabilities...She can draw a potret!! She's like Izzat to draw but I seldom saw her drawing her art..I always see her all of her time reading novel and doing other stuffs. So I just snap shot this potret without her knowing.......

Nice eyes..

Some of Izzat's arts

These were drawn by my princess Izzat. She's eleven years old. She did these in freehand. Alhamdulillah....she has that talent, she did it without using any tools like tracing. I can say she has a good observation skills, good hand-coordination and her smooth motion of hands that allow her to draw neatly. But she is not an artist yet just the beginner....She needs more practice in drawing skills and confidence.