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Monday, May 11, 2009

Hiking with mum, son and sisters at Bukit Shahbandar

Yesterday was mum's day and yesterday evening I went hiking with my son, mum and sisters at the recreational park of Bukit Shahbandar Forest. There are nine hills at forest.  We managed to climb only four hills.

Playground at the park.

My mum and sister looked exhausted hiking on the way up to the third hill..

Beautiful scenery at the park.

" I'm thursty mum".........

Bukit Shahbandar is set in 70 hectares of undulating landscape providing a challenge for even the most dedicated joggers, hikers and bikers. An observation tower gives a bird's eye view over the whole terrain from this huge Bukit Shahbandar Park.

We enjoyed running down the hill...

Come on mum.....walk faster!!!

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UmmiRosma said... is fun and healthy to breathe in the fresh air there..but me myslef lum pegi sana..*giggles*

By gthe way darl..pls update my link and another one
Bunch of tnx...