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Friday, June 5, 2009

Our Tamu (Stalls) Kianggeh in Brunei Darussalam

A bridge that link to Tamu Kianggeh from the supermarkets.

My mum and sister

Wow..are all these in the shopping lists ?!!!!

Today I went with my mum, sisters and brother to the famous Tamu Kianggeh in the city. I love the view of Tamu Kianggeh.  There are lots of groceries and local delicacies ranging from traditional handicrafts, animals to local food and even traditional medicines we can buy at this Tamu. The most food I like to buy at this Tamu Kianggeh is the famous kuih Melaya, a pastry with peanuts....emmm its so yummy but unfortunately the Kuih Melaya's stall was closed today. If it was opened I will take some snaps to show to you how they make the pastries.  

I bought a pair of Australian spotted rabbits for my daughter at $40 each, some traditional food, veggies and dried salted fish. It was an enjoyable shopping activity.

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