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Monday, July 20, 2009

No where to go...@ last having fun with family.

Lotion for my hands to night....emmm..I just busy having day time with my family this afternoon till few minutes ago.  From lunch to dinner..uhhhh...tired but I loved and enjoyed it. Still thinking of precaution, away from crowded places! so no where to go... at last my mum and sisters came over my house without us knowing at the first place..

high tea !!!!

mum & her 12th child

 "The 10th"- Hafizah 

My cute girl with cute hat, Dk Izzat Zafirah

"The 8th"- Marni with niece

"The 6th"- Mardinah

nieces, "the 3rd's" children

"the 9th", Umme with yellow bike

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Liza said...

mardinah atu ketawa berabis