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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Under Quarantine

The World is worried about the latest disease H1N1. I always pray to Allah to save us from this H1N1.  

Thanks god we are not catagorized in that cases.  Today is our last day  for my family to stay at home since the 4th July. It has been 4 days we are not allowed to go out of our house area.  We are under quarantine by the Ministry of Health.  They said it just for a precaution and it could be happened if any possibilities we might be the carrier of the flu too.   This is due to our close contact with my sister who has been identified to have symptoms of H1N1.  She just came back from Singapore on the 1st July and then after 3 days she had shown symptoms of flu, headache and running nose. 

Thanks to the Ministry of health that has taken thorough action and their alertness on these cases.  During the quarantine, we are required to take body temperature twice a day for the nurse to record.  In addition prescription, thermometer, food and drink are provided during the quarantine period too.  

Back to my sister's story, she has just recovered from the flu and soon she will be free from quarantine too. We are recommended to wear masks after the quarantine for protection if we leave our home because the disease is still risky out there.  But at least we feel freedom again tomorrow...

These are provided by MOH

The nurse is checking our body temperature.

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sinjun said...

quarantined for 4days? not a week? ur sis +ve ka?