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Saturday, August 29, 2009

'Gerai Ramadan" at Gadong area

This is the scenery of the Ramadan stalls at Gadong in the city.  Variety of local food and drinks were sold at the stalls.  My daughter took some snaps the activity at the stalls while we were walking around looking for favourite food.  

I saw lots of people came over to Gadong to buy food for their breaking of Ramadan.  Not only muslims, these stalls also give opportunity for non-muslims to buy and taste the Ramadan food and drinks.  The Ramadan month is the month for the food stall vendors to make money.  One of my friend mentioned that she can get extra money just by selling "kebab", as well as local ''kuih" and drinks.

'Pulut Panggang' - Glutinous rice with prawn or meat paste is our favourite local 'kueh'

Drinks with different flavour

local 'kueh' - my children love these

"Mum, I want green mirinda for sungkai, please...."
Ok dear


Fresh sugarcane

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