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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Yes...1st syawal will be on Monday..

I'm really busy for the past few days and the coming days ....yes too busy...preparing  for the raya celebration, shopping, sawing beads for my kids and my 'Baju kurung' , doing some cleaning in the house, etc....Now I'm trying to relax for an hour.UUhh my feet feel a bit numb for being standing so many hours... baking biscuits. But when I see my laptop, it make my addiction towards it is glowing again..Blogging.....yup, something to upload here....check these out!!!!

Sungkai at Lamie Restaurant with my families

Waiting for 'beduk' - breaking the fast.  Wow that's a lot of food..

emmm...Prawns...a must for Lamie Restaurant..

Searching for 'tudong' or scarfs


Still in the process of doing this ..beading.....


'Ziarah kubur' 

Saturday &  today

Baking biscuits n cakes

'kueh makmor' are ready to bake

Peanuts cookies

Chocolate biscuits

spicy peanuts

vico cake

Dates cookies
mixfruit with dry coconut cookies

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A.M.I.N.A said...

Eid Mubarak Liz to you and your family.Today is also 1st Syawal here in Pakistan.