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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Invitation to Pulau Pakuan with friends..!!!!

This weekend I was attending an outing function organised by Bakti Association at Pulau Pakuan Tanjung Bunut in Brunei-Muara district.  Actually its not a real is just a name for a place where 'this person' planted local fruits and made fish ponds.  At first I didn't know where this faked island is situated.  Unbelievable..this was my first trip to this area and you know what it just took 20minutes to arrive at this island from my house..Why  I didn't know this place? Shame of me..hehehehe

Scenery at Pulau Pakuan Kg Tanjung Bunut

Prizes for the winners in the events

High Tea !!!

It was raining in the middle of the function

My friends...
from left Haslinda, Zainab, Me & Haiyati

Kuiz for me to answer..and  I got a wall clock....

Fishing activities

Wow this is fun...isn't it. 
free fish for you if  you can catch

1St Prize  for me and friends in the 'peel off Rambutan skin event'


UmmiRosma said...'s "pulau" buah. So how much do we have tp pay in order to visit this place? Is it opened for public? *interested*

Liza said...

I'm not really sure ling...its own by mejar bersara Hj ismail..i pun tak tanya juga ah since too excited kesana and lagipun kami dijemput..nanti tanya ah