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Sunday, November 1, 2009

crabs, crabs, crabs.....

This event was happened last week...a special treat from my 8th sister, Marni.  Wow... three big dishes of crabs with different taste each were served for us at the city stalls in Bandar Seri Begawan.  That night there were lots of  people came to these stalls. It might be because of the payday..or the food is good. Do you know? This is my first time to have lunch at this place.  Before I was not really interested eating at this place.  I don't know why..but because of my sister offered us to have lunch here so at last I must go and try the seafood.  Yeah yummy..not bad...the crabs were delicious and tasty.  I think you better try the food there..

curry crabs, sweet sour crabs & Ginger sauce crabs

Marni & her fiance

This big man is my brother in law.

My kids.....look at them 

talk, eat, talk, eat....


my lovely Izzat & her cousin Afiqah

Come on...Show your face Iffah...don't be shy...Thanks Marni..I love you

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