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Friday, May 8, 2009

My garden

It has been a long time, I didn't update my blog....sorry Ros...hehehe.Time is limited now and then for me. Anyway, this afternoon I took some snaps of my flowers in my garden. I love gardening so much. There are not much flowers in my garden. Most of the plants I have are green shrubs, bonsai and palms.

My huby likes his grass very much...for him to practice golf.
Theses are some green plants leads to the entrance of my house. It is a must for me to put plants between my main door as a symbol of "Peaceful and Harmony"

Some pots of colourful orchids leads to my house.


UmmiRosma said... really like your new blog skin..soooo reddy! *winks*I like the carpet grass liza..

By the way can you snap a closer focus of the blue orchids (..are they really orchids?)..I kinda like them very much. Why dont you plant roses? I think your home environment(bukit)is good for roses..just a suggestion....I have many them much.

Liz Akbar said...
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