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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Have a try on this simple menu..

Actually, I dont have a recepi for chicken wings curry but I tried to make one for my blogger's friend, Amina, since she requested for its recepi and this can be shared with my other bloggers' friends too.

curry powder


cooking oil
5 red onions
5 garlics
3 cm of ginger
3 cardamons
2 table spoon tamarind paste/juice
7/8 tablespoon of curry (mix)
3 tablespoon of minced dried chilli
5-8 curry leaves
1 glass of full cream milk/coconut milk
1/2 kg chicken wings
5 potatoes (cut into 4)
2 glasses of water 

Heat cooking oil.  Add sliced onion, garlic, ginger and pelaga. Cook until golden. Pour in minced dry chilli followed by curry (stir with water first) and curry leaves. Simmer until mixture is thicken.  Add in chicken wings and potatoes. Stir occasionaly.  Then pour in milk with tamarind and stir well. Lastly add water, salt and sugar.  Allow to simmer until oil floats on surface.

The recepi for the Tom Yam noodle is very simple.  I used the Tom Yam paste from the supermarket only.  All you have to do is boil a pan of water, then dump in everything you want to eat.hehehe..just a joke..Its up to you to decide.  For me I add prawn, fish ball, onion, tomato, mushroom, chilli, long beans and brocoli.  Lastly you add full cream milk or coconut milk and let it boil for a while.  Then you can add any types of noodles you like.

Tom Yam paste


A.M.I.N.A said...

Thank you very much Liz.I would definitely try this one. Thanks a lot for sharing and keep posting!

UmmiRosma said...

Aku pun tais liur eh kan chix wings I cant take chix wings for some moments. Huhuhu...but I made tom yam noodle yesterday jua ( it's becoz of u lah my fren!!)