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Friday, September 4, 2009

My tastebuds' demand

Menu for sungkai today are very simple.  Vege fried rice, Tom yam Soup, Fried kulit ayam and Air Kausar.  Air Kausar is my children's favourite drink.  I made this drink after I got the recipe from my auntie.  I  can't stand my children kept on begging at me just to buy this drink everyday starting from first Ramadan. Just bottle costs $2, if 2 bottles a day times ????days..wooow thats alot of money.   

Preparation for Kausar drink:

Boil a kettle of water
Add a tablespoon of vanilla essence
Add a tablespoon of Banana essence
1 can of condenced milk
1 can of creamer milk 
3 tablespoon Tukamaria seeds ( jintan selasih) - Add when mixture is cold.
 Add sugar if necessary
For this preparation you can get 5 bottles of Kausar drinks.

Air Kausar

vanila essence, banana essence and Tukamaria seeds

Vege Fried Rice 

I don't know why my taste buds are seemed to choose Fried kulit ayam today. Yeah..don't blame the Ramadan Liz.  Actually I don't really want to serve this fried kulit ayam to my children. I'm afraid they will addicted to it. But never mind can be an excuse for them to eat it. At first I should get rid off the thick fat which is sticked on it before I fried it.  Add tumeric powder , chilli powder and salt. Stir and fried until crispy.. At last my taste buds' demand have achieved.

Fried kulit ayam


narti said...

boleh juga ni resepnya, memang menghemat banyak kalau memasak sendiri.
makasih sharingnya.

Liza said...

Save budget narti..cobalah mesti anak2 suka minum