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Saturday, March 27, 2010

A trip to Water Village

Tuesday, Mac 23rd was my trip with family to Kampong Air in Bandar Seri Begawan. We hired a water taxi to bring us around the water village. We started our visit at 10 am, ohh thanked God that day the weather was fine and cloudy. This was fun, my kids was excited and I knew this activity is seldom to occur to them. People like us who stay on land will eager to come over and want to feel the life at water village.

Off we go

We passed Kg Bendahara Lama and we could see a our late father's graveyard at 'Tanah perkuburn Limbungan' from distance

Water pipes for water village's people

Garbage was transported by boat to the garbage area
tourists' attraction

Beautiful....Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque

Me and my 12th sister

Fuel station for boats
The legend rock is said to be the ship of Nakhoda Ragam that was being cursed by his mother

View of Sultan Palace - Nurul Iman Palace

Can u see the hanging plastic bags? Inside are the placenta of the babies.....There are people still believe in traditional belief. I don't actually know what it's purpose hanging that things.

This is the way towards Kampung Menunggul.

My kids felt a bit scary when passed this narrow passage, we could hear the birds singing here and there

Towards Kampung Bolkiah

These are modern houses scheme at Kampung Bolkiah..nice

Small land called Lumut Lunting

One of the primary school

Traditional galary Building for tourists visiting the water village and modern

Seat to view a water village documentary

Some of the ancient things and traditional handicrafts are displayed in this galary

The trip ended at 12 am and then we had our lunch together at Delima shopping complex.
My kids favourite dish is chicken rice at SCR restaurant.

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mimi said...

wow..nice place to visit..good experience for the lil ones!hehe
i was wondering..y do they hang the baby's placenta up on the tree along the river bank? sorry to ask, but for malays in malaysia normally they just buried them or better still leave at the hospital. (if i am not mistaken-lah)