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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Crossing the border

On the second day of Muharam that was last Tuesday, We went to Miri town with my kids, sisters and mum. Alhamdulillah the whether was fine and hot...

Police Spot Check before passing the Malaysian Immegression

Crossing the border - A river between Brunei and Malaysia

We reached Miri at 11 a.m..It took 3 hours to drive from our home to Miri. Since it was hot that day, we chose Bintang Plaza Mega Mall as our stop journey. I heard that this complex is the biggest one in Miri town...And now it's still under the process of enlarging the building. Parkson is one of my favourite shopping place in Miri and it is at the Bintang Plaza too. Luckily, it was on sale until end of this month and I grabbed this opportunity to buy my stuffs, kids clothing and school shoes.

Front view of the Bintang Plaza Mega Mall

@ Popular Book stores

Our chosen meal of the day- SugarBun & KFC

Since Christmas will be coming soon, many brilliant Christmas decorations were built at Bintang Plaza Mega Mall

happy faces of my kids & their grandma
Izzat and Miss Bobble head

Umme, Fizah and Naqib

Those expression...I wonder what make Naqib surprised

Surely, Naqib those were not yours!!!!

mum and sis...
before and after
I bought these from Lovely Lace - 10% discount
Rose Diffuser - RM39.90

I like this
Australian Wall Clock Rose - RM 69.90

We left Miri at 8.30 p.m and reached home safely at 11.00 p.m...


CathJ said...

wow... beautiful skies.... :D

Liz said...

Thanks dear CathJ....

UmmiRosma said...

Is the q long on that day dear?
When I look at the Sugarbun's meals...aduhaiiii...tais liur tarus...:9

Liz said...

That day cop paspot jln lancar saja...atu saja polis kit spot cek lesen driver n kerita...It took about 20 minutes...then everything berjalan lancar to and fro..

anney said...

Great capture of the sky! Love the cute clock!

Liz said...

thanks dear anney