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Thursday, December 2, 2010

School with kids

School holidays are just started on the 1st of December until 2nd January 2011. Last Tuesday night I brought my kids, mum and sisters to Jerudong Theme Park. My hubby was not around for few days so I make myself busy with kids during these holidays. There is no admission fees required but for the rides we need to buy ticket cards to be able to use the rides. The tickets come in $8 (5 rides) and $10 (8 rides) price range. The ticket cards have slots which can be punched using a single hole puncher - one punch equals one use of any ride or facility for one person. There are not much rides at the Jerudong Theme Park as it was before 5 years ago. Anyhow my kids really enjoyed the rides.
Naqib go round

Naqib likes this bumper car... He got into the ride 3X

me, mum, Iffah and Marni

wooow...Look at Izat and Iffah, They looked relax on the pirate ship
Who's the winner...they're racing in the pedal boat

woooops... to play the ride, you should not more than the height of these 4 cats.
5 years ago iffah and izzat can ride junior bumper not anymore


UmmiRosma said...

Fun, our kids are whinning to be brought to JP too...payah...kalau kan ke JPMC...mesti pass by kiak-kiak tah drg minta bwa turun...kekekeke....

Anyway...I hve tried the tom yam nyaman and berselera bah mkn ku :) tnx for sharing!

Liz said...

wah..kesian ros..ur kids,. sabar saja wait sampai ok. yes tom yam beef pasti sedap..