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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Adventuring to Wasai Sungai Akar

I went to Wasai Sungai Akar (lake) this Sunday afternoon with my daughters, mum and sisters.  Its a good and healthy exercise that I must do at least once a week to release tension and have fun with family.  I really love adventurous activity.  I like the sound of the birds and waterfall. I used to do this kind of activity two to three times a day but now because of time limitation, busy doing school task and housework so I have to reduce my leisure activity with family once a week if needed 

''The hill is very steep, careful Izzat, slowly mum."

"huh..huh... I need water."
"Hey whose that guy in Black....alien!"


UmmiRosma said...

Fun! Minat orange ke?

Liz Akbar said...

Any colour for sport....but I like to wear bright colour to jungle...camouflage kali ah..hehe..