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Saturday, May 23, 2009

My daughter's day

Today, this afternoon was a certificate and gift presentations from Royal Brunei Armed Forces to army's children for having an excellent achievements in PSR, PMB, O Level and A Level Exams. I was very happy and glad that one of the children is my daughter, Dk Iffah. She is too excited and happy at the ceremony.  She has achieved 5A's in her PSR exam. Thanks to Allah The Mighty for all these days of our prays and work hard for our lovely children has been granted. 

Dk Iffah is at the right.

My Friends and I.  Norashima(left) and Haslinda (right)

My two daughters and at the right is Dk Iffah's classmate, Nabilah.
There are too excited receiving a gift from ABDB and TAIB banks of $200.
Photograph session

Dk Iffah's Certificate


Liza said...

Hi Liz! Congratulations to your daughter and to all the other kids. :)

Thank you also for visiting. Hope you're having a great weekend!

All the best,

Tukang cerita said...

Salam cikgu Liza...

TQVM kerana sudi mjengah ke teratak sy...
TQ krn sudi link sy, sy sudah link cikgu juga...

~Slam ukhuwah.. dan salam perkenalan dr kami di Malaysia...