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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Another chickenpox!!!!!!...090909

090909 is the day which I can called 'trademark sign' for  my son naqib.  I was surprised this morning he was infected with chickenpox.  I knew it sooner or later the viral infection will transferred to Naqib since he is her closed contact who are not infected by this illness yet. I brought Naqib to clinic and the same prescriptions were given just like Izzat's.

Look at his face.. he is really sad.  I know he is incomfortable with this calamine lotion on his face and body.

More red spots at the back of his body.

"Mum when will this last?" soon honey

Who will be the next?  I'm still in doubt since my mum mentioned she can't remember whether I had this chickenpox during my childhood....NO..NO..NO ..not me ..Nauzubillahmin zaliq...


Admin said...

kesian jua ...banyakkan minum air and jgn makan udang, ketam, talur....get well

A Full-Timed Housefly said...

My son had chicken pox few years back and on day 2 I brought my daughter for a vacination against chicken pox and we were told she'll be alright and will be protected 99.9%.... so far she has not contacted it. My son's condition lasted for almost 2 weeks and it was really miserable for him as chciken pox cost intense itch and discomfort and the patient has to avoid eating food prepare with dark soy sauce or else he will have dark chicken pox marks on his skin.... hope this helps.