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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oh my dear...honey..

It looks worst than yesterday...Izzat's body is covered with blisters of chickenpox.  At first, her sister, Iffah, was infected by this illness. But it was not really bad compared with Izzat's condition. She got these red spots since Sunday but not really much and now the red spots are spread all on over her body.  The white thing on her body is Calamine lotion which make the red spots dry quickly. She needs to take chlorpheniramine-2 ( prevent from itchy) and Panadol syrup 3 times a day to reduce her pain and itchy. 

She is given MC for 5 days...if  her condition still not good..her MC will be extend .  We pray and hope Izzat will recover quickly so she can do her revision and tution again for PSR examination. (Oct 5th) 

Oh my dear.......

Medicines for Izzat..Panadol syrup, chlorpheniramine-2 & Calamine lotion

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