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Friday, September 11, 2009

Sungkai without husband..miss him

My hubby was attending a 'Sungkai' function with his jobmates this evening.  So I was alone with my kids breaking the fast. Yahoo..time for me to rest... No need to prepare too much. Menu for today just one..'kueh teaw basah'...its a simple recipe.  But still I prefer him to gather sungkai with him.  I miss him alot.

# Fried onion, fish cake, taufu, crab stick.
# add water, one tablespoon tomyam or chicken cube (either one) till boil.
#when boil add vege,  and corn flour to thicken the liquid.
# pour black paper powder.
# pour the 'kuah' to the noodles

* I didnt add egg in the mixture (before adding corn flour) since my children got chickenpox.

Try this  u will love it.....

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